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डॉ. विजय बिडकर औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण (P) संस्था अभोणा

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Courses List


Electrician Trade is the one of the most popular delivered nationwide through a network of ITI.

ITI Electrician course is a short term professional technical course,which enable student to work on different types of electrical wiring and equipment.

This course provides students with fundamental knowlegde of the necessary electrical fields. Under this course students are given a good knowledge of electrical equipment, wiring safety in the electrical field and other technical details.


ITI Fitter Trade is a highly professional techinical course that teaches students about various kinds of fittings within a short peroid of time.

It is a Job oriented programming with a high posibility of getting decent job opportunities.

ITI Fitter trade basic knowlegde is to prepare student for careers in number of fields,including machine fitting,pipe fitting and device maintainance.

Health Sanitary Inspector

‘Health Sanitary Inspector’ trade under CTS is one of the popular courses delivered nationwide through the network of ITI's.

The primary responsibility of a health inspector is to ensure the standard sanitary conditions meet the level of the schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other public places. Duties of the sanitary inspector in India, include ensuring the functioning of a public place in a hygienic environment.

Electric Solar Technician

Solar Technician is a trending electrical course that teaches students about various kinds of electrical system in solar panel or system.

This is a skill oriented course in the study of Solar Photovoltaic (PU) cells, modules and system components :

PU System design and sizing for a use of homes,commercial building etc. Understanding energy conversion sunlight to electricity and working with solar conversion equipment.